NGP Cover Model Joey Thurman

By: Joshua Conner


Sexy, brawny & versatile Joey Thurman: son, brother, husband, brand & Newsgentpost cover model.

At age 31, Thurman can be described as one of fitness & business elite. Thurman has it all: family, good looks, talented & personality. He is: handsome, powerful & influential which is why Thurman is newsgentpost’s cover model.

“I would say I have always been in the fitness industry without even knowing it. Playing sports and having fun playing with my friends is fitness, people lose sight of that. I became a personal trainer when I was 23 officially and have been working on my craft ever since,” said Thurman.

“My motivation would be my lack of wanting to be bound by an office as a job and my true fee spirited Aquarian nature,” said Thurman.

Thurman has a very early schedule, he gets up at around five to five thirty a.m. & has his first client at six. He has very productive training sessions with his clients.

“Every single exercise has to have a purpose,” said Thurman on training.

A normal training session with a client lasts around 45 minutes. An hour workout gets a little bit more pampering like with stretching.

Thurman is the epiphany of an accomplished man. He has a body that most people dream of. Thurman can be described as very muscular, he even has six pack abs.

 “Ha, I would say everyone has 6 pack abs, sometimes the abs are just covered with a little more cushion! For myself 6 pack, remember everyone’s abdominal section is developed differently and most interesting to me uniquely!” said Thurman on his physique.

“Mind is not right, you will not make a lifestyle change, the mind is a muscle too,” said Thurman.

Thurman also is a stylish model.

He did some modeling in St. Louis, then transferred to Ford Model, however Chosen Model management was the best fit for Thurman.

Thurman has many talents. If you look on his LinkedIn page you will see Thurman’s plethora of credentials. He is a fitness & nutrition expert, celebrity trainer, cover model and television fitness expert, just to name a few. However the credential Thurman values the most is honesty.

“Stubborn, analytical, goofy & sensitive,” said Thurman on how he describes himself in only four words.

“I am very stubborn, you can ask my wife, set in my ways, it gets me in trouble, I try to change when I can,” said Thurman.

“Hulk Hogan, just because he would make me laugh, Chris Farley, and anybody who was a childhood bully,” said Thurman on the three people died or alive he would like to train.

Thurman often tweets photos & references to Hulk Hogan on his Twitter page.

Family is really important to Thurman.

He often explained how his wife and mother inspired him. Thurman has had many strong female influences, however his father was still involved.

“Yes I have a father, my parents have been divorced for a about 7 years now. My father is a great dad but when I was growing up he had to work out of town a lot so my 2 older sisters, mom, and even the female dog took care of me often! I guess you can say I was shaped by women, ha! My dad still offers advice to me today and I thank him for that!” said Thurman.

Thurman also can be described as a romantic. Singing is his hidden talent since he was a choir boy.

“I actually sang at my wedding to my wife, a Keith Urban song,” said Thurman.

Thurman’s long term career plan is to keep branding himself in television, he may even be in movies in the future.

“I truly love what I do and hopefully can use my talents to become a TV personality and then action movie star…not necessarily in that order!” said Thurman.

Thurman is even versatile in his men’s wear. I asked him the age old man question: Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs? When you are built like Thurman you can wear anything. Thurman gave an original response.

“I actually wear them all depending on the occasion. If I need to rock a pair of right jeans I will go with traditional briefs to limit bunching (you know what I’m talking about) but if I have something looser on I will wear briefs or boxer briefs. I rarely wear traditional boxers as I feel like I just have shorts on underneath my clothes,” said Thurman.

Thurman is a role model of man. Success is modeled in his lifestyle.

I am honored to name Thurman as newsgentpost cover model, role model and buddy. I would love to be trained by him someday.


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