David Morin

By: Joshua Conner

David Morin

David Morin is a LynX Fitness co-founder, cast member of the Perfect Physique, Dymatize Nutrition, Cervifit, My Oatmeal, Fitmark bags sponsored athlete and infomercial host from Miami. 

During the Fit Expo Chicago 2015, Morin gave an opportunity to have a discussion about his memorable year, historical figures and the view of fitness in America.

“Focused, balanced, passionate and helpful,” said Morin on how he describes himself.

Morin most memorable years occurred in 2010 and 1996.

“My most memorable year, wow, when we talk memorable years, we tend to remember the harder years more. If you’re in terms of the most memorable years as defining whom I am as a person I would say 2010. Then, like positive memorable years, would be the year my son was born in 1996. That was when I became a man basically. I learned how to put others needs before mine, I had to grow up really fast, and assume the responsibilities of taking care of many things besides myself,” said Morin in regard to his most memorable years.

If Morin could have a drink with any three people dead or alive who would they be and why?

“A drink? Wow, that’s a great question. Leonardo Da Vinci would be first, Nikola Tesla and Bruce Lee. That would be one hell of a party. That would be a good time, Bruce Lee, Nikola Tesla and Da Vinci all doing shots. That would be interesting. I don’t think shots existed in Da Vinci time, they only had wine, back then, so that would be fun,” said Morin.

What is Morin view of fitness in America?

“My view of fitness in America,  is that it’s evolving very quickly. I think the old paradigm, was it was an elitist. Kind of sense of entitlement and more ego driven. In the beginning, the classic bodybuilder type Steve Reeves is a reference for that, and all through Arnolds and Zanes those were the more artistic revealings of what it takes to create a body of work with one’s own physique. Now I think in the 90s it spawned this kind of like flashy, ego, muscle, in face and more of a superficial sense to it. That presented an over exaggerated anatomy to where there was no aesthetic factor, anymore it was all more is better. Now I think it’s more of an aesthetic era, now it’s not only about the quality of what you see, but what you see reflecting the integrity of the person and how they honestly evaluate their strengths and weaknesses based on their physique and the lifestyle they live and promote. Those are all important factors and I think that is taking the forefront in fitness today and I am grateful for that. It’s a long time coming. I think that everyone is born with the equal opportunity to become unequal,” said Morin about the fitness industry.

When asked the age old guy question : Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs, Morin gave an original answer.

“It’s funny, I don’t wear underwear unless I do an underwear job. I live in Miami so underwear tends to be restrictive and hot, so that’s just the way it works. My girlfriend thinks it’s really funny, because it’s true, I only wear underwear when I’m taking photos in underwear,” said Morin.

Follow David Morin on Instagram & Twitter @getmorin and check out his website Getmorinfitness.com & m.getmorin.com



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