TJ Hoban

By: Joshua Conner

TJ Hoban

TJ Hoban is a top fitness model, SAG-AFTRA actor, cast member of the Perfect Physique, and celebrity trainer from Los Angeles, California.

During the Fit Expo Chicago 2015, Hoban gave an opportunity to have a discussion about Disney World, and his life story.

“Curious, optimistic, truthful and loving,” said Hoban on how he describes himself.

Hoban’s most memorable year was when he interned at Disney World.

“That’s a tough one also, it was probably when I did an internship in Orlando for Disney World, when I was in college, for the Disney co-op work program. So I had a semester in Orlando working in their park as an attractions host. I got to meet and live with students from all over the world who were doing the same program. So if you ever been to Epcot center, there are all these different countries, the people who work in those countries are usually from those countries. It was my first chance to leave Chicago, which was a big, beautiful city. It changed my life forever,” said Hoban.

Hoban decides that he doesn’t want to go back to any decade, instead he wants to go ahead.

“I want to go ahead. I want to go ahead because I am really excited about the future. For many reasons, one I feel like I am in the beginning of a new chapter of my life but, also I am really fascinated with what tomorrow holds in terms of health, wellness and longevity,” said Hoban.

If Hoban could train anyone dead or alive who would they be and why?

“Gandhi, you know I want to say John F. Kennedy and Elvis because I think I could have saved his life,” said Hoban.

Does Hoban prefer boxers, briefs or boxer briefs?

“I like boxer briefs. I like the athlete cotton, I keep it easy,  I go to H&M. They’re cheap, I just buy them off the shelf, they last a while. They don’t have any big labels on the waistband, so if you’re shooting something they don’t stick out or cause a problem,” said Hoban.

Follow TJ Hoban on Twitter & Instagram @TJHoban and check out his website


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